Concern Co. Ltd. is not just a construction company. We are a dedicated team that strives to grow in our society and help our clients realize their dreams and make them a tangible reality. We use the latest methods to implement projects on time and with the highest quality standards at the lowest cost. The satisfaction of our customers and our customers is the focus of our attention so we are keen to know their needs and preferences and how to deal with them and to listen continuously to analyze their point of view and anticipate their expectations and to mobilize efforts towards achieving their goals. And because we recognize the importance of time, we commit to implement projects according to schedules agreed upon Time by a factor of us remains a fundamental characteristic of our values. We praise you for life. This is not just a sentence, but with us all your imagination is achieved and it is impossible. Our team is ready to serve you


We offer services related to:

  • Maps
    • Feasibility study of the project
    • Architectural design
    • Interior design
    • Auditing
    • Consultations
  • Buildings
    • Assist in selecting land
    • Administrative and technical supervision of project
    • Skeleton Building
    • Finishing of building
    • Tools rent
  • Maintenance
    • Building repair
    • Plumbing Services
    • Electricity Services
    • Paints and interior design and decoration
    • Establish Gardens
    • Cleaning buildings
    • Cleaning Tanks
  • Engineering Consultations
    • Consultation services


The department is equipped with latest tools and utilities needed to run standard constructions.


We have an expert team capable of running a variety of projects.


Sudan, Khartoum
    Alamarat, Street 41



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